Little. Green. Amphibian. Jedi?

I was offered a very unique project this weekend. A friend of my wife has a baby who will have to wear a DOC band to reshape his skull and she wondered if I would use my talents to decorate it. Her husband and I worked together briefly at the elementary school where I teach art, and where he was assistant principal. We hit it off immediately since we are both huge Star Wars fans. Naturally, their request for the DOC band was to give it a Star Wars theme. To say the least, I was more than happy to help them out. In the next few days I will post pics of the final helmet. But part of the decoration included a special Jedi character. Since their baby's theme in his nursery is frogs, I came up with an amphibian Jedi at their request. Here are preliminary sketches I did in Paper. More to come later!

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