Been A Long Time...

….but busy as ever! Here are a few B/W illos I did for an old buddy who hosts a podcast centered on Mafia Wars. Each personality is represented in “mob” fashion.


Illustration Friday: Obsession

Apparently, Grandad had an obsession with his youth that day. He must have ridden that horsey ride for hours!


Illustration Friday: Gesture

Offering to clean the house was a kind gesture. However, his “follow-through” needed work.


Illustration Friday: Stay

It’s unfortunate she didn’t stay in bed the night before her party. She couldn’t stay awake to blow out her candles!


Illustration Friday: Launch

Setting up the stunt, she assured her fluffy friends that no harm would come to them. At that, she launched herself in a spectacular feat of fearlessness.


Illustration Friday: Shadows

I painted this on a card for my dad last year, for Father’s Day. I thought it appropriate for this week’s topic, not only that the father and son are casting shadows, but that the shadows can be their history as they forge a future together.


A Departure to Fantasy

I was called upon to help a friend who is earning his masters degree. His final assignment entailed artwork from a spectrum of artists ranging in degrees of age and expertise. We were to illustrate a character based only on a short description. I decided to use a different method and style for this illo, because of the subject matter and the short timing.

Here is the character description:

NAME: Arizemli
Age: 23
Height: 6 ft 1in
Hair color: Copper - semi long often in a partial pony tail style
Eye color: Green

Dragon tattoo on his back; claw-mark scars on his left arm
Very ferocious and fearless warrior; arrogant, volatile and wild
Originates from an ancient far east civilization
superb swordsman - beyond mastery
Weapon of choice: his very large sword - hilt is forged to the blade as is the handle. Decorative wrapping encases the handle. Red symbols on the hilt and red markings on the blade
Also carries with him a smaller sword for emergencies - on his right side
Wears a powerful armor - a battle was won between a dragon named Shadow and Arizemli. The dragon embedded his soul within Arizemli's armor and transformed it into a very powerful accessory. The armor has taken on the appearance of the dragon as well as providing it with immeasurable powers.
Long samurai like pants and boots cast from a very sturdy yet comfortable metal also adorn Arizemli.
He is sometimes known to wear black gloves that look like they were fashioned the same way his armor was.

And here is Arizemli as I see him:

Illustration Friday: Bottled

There was no reason to leave his feelings bottled up inside. He raised his arms and took in a deep breath to let out a mighty roar!


Illustration Friday: Reverse

The only way to reverse the effects of the body swap was to get the magic doll. Only problem, only one of us wanted to go back!


Illustration Friday: Surrender

Chicken Little. A story about a chick that surrenders to fear and spreads it to others - ultimately leading them to their demise: a sly fox. Disney’s version, however... Happy


Illustration Friday: Resolutions

They each made resolutions to enter the room, not knowing what they would find.